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Browser Issues and Settings

Incorrect Screen Display

To display the content of correctly and to fully benefit from all Stellenticket features, we recommend to use the latest version of your browser. Current versions of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge display our pages correctly. In case your are visiting us with an outdated browser version, you might have issues with the display of tickets and when you order tickets. Problems may as well occur when you place advertisements.


Problems with the Changeover of Back and Forward

In case your browser doesn't accept cookies, you might have problems with the back and forward function in the ticket shop or when you place a job offer. Cookies are text files in ASCII format which are sent from a web server to your browser and are saved on your computer. We only use cookies where it is necessary to make the process of buying tickets and posting offers significantly more convenient.


Login and Posting

In the case that javascript is deactivated in your browser settings, you might have problems with your login or with the posting process. Please make sure that javascript is activated as it is fundamental for a correct functionality of Stellenticket. In case you are visiting pages with deactivated javascript where it is required, you will see an orange/red warning banner in the head section of the site.