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Ticket Students

You can place a job offer for Students with this ticket at Stellenticket.

In the next step, you have the possibility to order tickets...

Ticket Graduates

You can place a job offer for Graduates with this ticket at Stellenticket.

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For the premium ad or the publishing service, you need a coupon in addition to your ticket.

Ticket Categories

We only have two types of tickets. If you want to place a job advertisement for a student's position you choose the blue ticket. If you want to place one for graduates, select the red ticket. In case you wish the individual layout option, additionally acquire a coupon for the premium ad. If you don't have the time to place the job advertisement yourself, you can also acquire a coupon for our publishing service.  more

Prices and Conditions

Our price structure is easy to grasp, please have a look at our price list and our FAQ for further information. A separate treatment applies to public German universities and university-level institutions as well as to start-ups coached by university (keyword: free tickets). Separate treatment also applies to recruitment agencies. more

Free Tickets

German state universities and selected scientific institutions can ask for free tickets. Please contact us via e-mail at to check if you are qualifying for free tickets. Please make sure to be registered before making your request and let us know your customer ID and the number of blue or red tickets you need. Free tickets are designated for the placement of standard ads only. If a job ad is published by a third party (agency), free tickets cannot be provided. The same applies to institutions which cooperate with competing providers. There is no enti­tle­ment to a free ticket.


Our job advertisements are visible online for 30 days from publishing date on. You have the possibility to determine your own starting date. It is also possible to extend the validity of your job offer as well as deactivate the ad before the elapsed time. more


We offer three customer-friendly methods of payment: You can either purchase on account, pay in advance or by credit card. more


All of your entries on our homepage are cryptographically secured. With SSL we provide encryption at the highest possible security for your personal data on every form automatically. We give data privacy protection top priority.

Create Offer

You start either in my My Account at Editorial Office or through the menu item Offers. The system helps you to create your job offer in three steps and with our Live Preview you can always check how your advertisement will look like. A click on "Finish editing" saves all our entries as a draft at Drafts. A click on "Publish draft" will start a request to bring your offer online. more

Publishing Service

Minimize time and effort! Choose our publishing service and we publish your job advertisement for you. With very little lead-time, we guarantee a fast set-up of urgent job offers. Requires a Coupon additionally to the Ticket. more