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Account Related Questions

How Can I Get Registered?

Usually, the registration starts automatically, if you are here for the first time and start the process of preparing a job offer or of buying a ticket in our ticket shop. You will be asked to log in and in case you haven't created an account at Stellenticket yet, the system starts with the registration. After a successful registration, you will obtain an e-mail with a randomly generated password. We ask you to change that password at your first login under Administration; "Master data" of your account.

A registration at Stellenticket is free of charges and doesn't obligate you to buy tickets neither to post job offers.


You can always start your login in the head section of Simply click on the Login button. Your user name is the e-mail address which has been entered in your master data when you got registered at Stellenticket. Your original password was sent to you by e-mail, if you changed it already, you use from now on your personal password. After a successful login, you are in your customer area at Overview. From here you can explore all features of Stellenticket, like buying tickets, creating and modifying job offers or changing the master data of your account.

Amendments of Account Data

You can amend your account data after a successful login in the customer area under Administration; "Master data". Please keep in mind that changes of your master data might affect data of your currently published offers. A change of the e-mail address, the user name so to speak, is currently not possible in your account. Please write from your present e-mail account an e-mail to if you would like to use a new e-mail address. Please name in your e-mail the desired e-mail address and the company ID from your master data. We will effect the change for you.

Delete Account

We don't want to loose you, but we won't make the parting hard.

You can delete your account easily and by yourself after a login in the customer area under Administration. Just click on the button "Delete account" on the left and the system helps you to get through the deletion of your account. Please note that all of your tickets, Service coupons and currently published job offers will be deactivated if you delete your account. A refund of the remaining time of job offers as well as of unused tickets and coupons is not possible.