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The Most Important Answers on How to Create and Publish a Job Offer

Start with a Draft

You haven't bought a ticket yet? You're not too sure if you want to place a job offer at Stellenticket? We recommend to start with a draft! Take your time to create a job offer with your text. You have the possibility to save your job offer as a draft and to modify it until it's perfect. Once happily perfected, you buy a ticket in order to publish your job offer in our portal. For your start, click on Create Advertisement and either choose the Standard ad or Premium ad. The system helps you to create your job offer in just a few steps. In case you already have saved offers in your account, you can use them as orientation: duplicate, modify and save them as a new draft. You therefore start in the customer area under the menu item Editorial Office. You can always create and always reject, but the latter would be a pity, indeed.


How to Create an Offer

The more detailed you describe the job position in question and the required tasks, qualifications and your offers to your future employee the better for candidates to get a good picture. Make sure to fill out every form field, too, so your offer is best found via the email job subscriptions and filters.


Please note the publishing specifications of our university partners which state that job offers have to include a long-term employment and bear reference to studies. If you are not sure whether your job offer follows the guideline or you need support, feel free to contact us.


How to Publish an Offer

You have already created and saved a draft? You can publish your job offer online as soon as you have bought a blue or a red ticket - depending on the educational achievement you are asking for - in our ticket shop. After your login, you go to Editorial Office; "Drafts". Then you choose the draft to be published, it appears in the Live-View and you see a black bar at the top of the site (at Stellenticket, black is always a sign where you can take action). In order to publish your draft, you click on "Publish offer". The system opens a new window and asks you to which date your job offer should be published. If you don't enter a date, the offer will be activated that very day. You will then be lead to your account, where you see your available tickets in a list. You choose the right ticket and click on "Verify ticket". If your ticket is valid, your job offer will be activated and published online on the determined day.


It is important that you hold a valid ticket in order to publish a job advertisement. You can check your ticket inventory and the status of your tickets under the menu item Administration; "Tickets". If you purchase on account, you can usually use at least one ticket of your order immediately to activate an offer.


Job Advertisements for Third Parties - Recruitment Agencies at Stellenticket

You can publish job advertisements for and in the name of third parties via your account as soon as we assigned you the status "agency". First, get registered at Stellenticket and write us an e-mail with your request for the agency status. Please allow some extra time to verify and activate your status. Please, send us your request by e-mail and please do not buy tickets or coupons in the ticket-shop before your agency status is confirmed.


Please note that the entitlement for free tickets for German state research institutes or Regional Free-Tickets can not be granted when recruitment agencies are involved. If you are publishing job offers in the name of a state research institute which would be entitled to publish offers for free, we cannot give you any free tickets. Recruitment agencies are also excluded from Regional free-tickets which some of our university partners offer. The latter are only eligible if both company and job position are located in or in the surrounding of 50 km of the respective university town.