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Standard Ad

Always in the well-proven
Standard Layout


Fast, favourable and fine more

Premium Ad

Always highlighted plus
Individual Layout and Multilingual Ad as options


Ticket Categories

We only have two different types of tickets: The blue ticket if you want to place a job advertisement for a student position and the red ticket if you want to place one for a graduate position. If you want to publish a premium ad, which is highlighted in list view and has both options for an individual layout and a multilingual ad, you need one additional coupon per ad. If you don't have the time to place the ad by yourself, use our publishing service. It requires one coupon per ad as well. more

Free Tickets

German state universities and similar scientific institutions are entitled to our free tickets. Contact us via e-mail at Please make sure that you are registered at our portals before ordering tickets. Simply tell us how many blue and/or red tickets you need. Free tickets are designated for the placement of Standard Ads only.

Publishing Service

Minimise time and effort! Choose our publishing service and we place your job advertisement online. With very little lead-time, we guarantee you a fast placement for urgent job offers. Requires a coupon. more

Setting Online

You can place your job advertisements online by yourself with only a few steps to create your own job offer. Our service is fully accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With our Live-View, you can easily check your progress at every state in real. All you need to publish your job offer is an suitable ticket. more

Prices and Payment

Our price structure is easy to grasp, please have a look at our price list for further information. We offer three customer-friendly methods of payment: You can either purchase on account, pay in advance or by credit card. more


Our job advertisements are visible online for 30 days from publishing date on. You can fully determine the starting point on your own. Extension of publishing time as well as early deactivation of your job offer are possible. more