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The Most Important Answers Regarding our Types of Job Advertisements

Standard Ad

You publish your job offer online, by yourself. In only a few steps, your create your own job offer, guided by our system. Just choose the menu item Placing Advertisements and we will lead you right through your Standard Ad. If you choose our Publishing Service, we will publish the job offer for you!


All you have to do is enter the text, the right formatting will be effected by the system. Your job offer appears in a clearly structured standard layout. This makes it easy for job seekers to get an overview of the job offers and to maintain it! All relevant information is available according to the same standardized pattern.


An individual touch will be achieved with your company logo, which will appear automatically in your job offer if you attached it to your master data before. Please note that our system uploads only image files in GIF, JPG or PNG format. Other formats will not be supported.


The activation of your job advertisement can be effected with a valid ticket from our ticket shop and is possible at any time.


Job advertisements at Stellenticket are published for 30 days. You can fully determine the beginning of the duration on your own by naming a particular date. The duration of 30 days only starts with that chosen date.


You have the possibility to make amendments on your job offer as often as desired, even after the publication. In order to avoid that the amendments create a whole new job offer, we have blocked a few sections against modifications, for instance the title of your job offer.
Furthermore, you have the possibility to deactivate a job offer before the elapsed time, please note that an once deactivated offer can only be reactivated with a new ticket.


Premium Ad

The premium ad is the perfect addition to the standard ad. Always high­lighted in the list view, the premium ad achieves atten­tion right from the start. Addi­tion­ally, premium ads allow you to pub­lish your indi­vidual lay­out as an addi­tion to the stand­ard lay­out. You also have the option for pub­lish­ing your ad in up to three lan­guages (Ger­man, Eng­lish, French). All you need is the cor­rect ticket and an extra coupon from our ticket-shop.


Most of our customers value the premium ad because of the individual layout. You send us your respective PDF or HTML file (size of one page) and we add your individual job advertisement to your job offer. When using our publishing service, we will enter all data from your PDF/HTML in the fields of our standard ad.


Your job offer will be displayed in the so-called dual mode: job seekers who open your ad will see your individual layout, but they also have the possibility to switch to the standard layout with just one click. Usually, you enter the required information for your standard ad, unless you decide in favour of our Publishing Service. If you do so, we will create your job offer with all the information from your individual layout template. This way, we can guarantee you the entire indexing of your individual layout. All matching queries will find your job offer!


Premium ads also give you access to our feature "Multilingual ad". The third part of our premium upgrade allows you to publish your ad in up to three lan­guages (Ger­man, Eng­lish, French). Users can switch languages with one click. Please tick "Premium Ad" when creating an ad and choose the languages you would like to use for your job offer.


In order to place a premium ad, you need one coupon in addition to a blue or red ticket which is obligatory for standard and premium ads. If you want to use our publishing service as well, you need a second coupon. In that case, please send your individual layout (PDF or HTML/one page) to


Job Advertisements at No Charge

Free tickets are designated for the placement of standard ads only and free ads are always put online by the ticket holder.


Free tickets are available for German state universities and similar scientific institutions. Start-ups, if coached by university, request their free tickets at the respective university.


To request free tickets, contact us via e-mail under our co-operation partner at your university. Please make sure that you're registered at our portal before ordering tickets. Just tell us in the e-mail how many blue and/or red tickets you need. Free tickets are designated for the placement of Standard ads only.


Distribution of free tickets at no charge or against payment to third parties is not allowed.


Please allow extra time of two working days for the processing of free tickets, especially if you order the first time at Stellenticket. Please write us your name as well as your company ID from your master data in your request mail.


Job Advertisements for Third Parties - Recruitment Agencies at Stellenticket

You can publish job advertisements for and in the name of third parties via your account as soon as we assigned you the status "agency". First, get registered at Stellenticket and write us an e-mail with your request for the agency status. Please allow some extra time to verify and activate your status. Please, do not buy tickets and coupons in our ticket-shop before your agency status has been confirmed by us.


Please note that the entitlement for free tickets for German state research institutes or Regional Free-Tickets can not be granted when recruitment agencies are involved. If you are publishing job offers in the name of a state research institute which would be entitled to publish offers for free, we cannot give you any free tickets. Recruitment agencies are also excluded from Regional free-tickets which some of our university partners offer. The latter are only eligible if both company and job position are located in or in the surrounding of 50 km of the respective university town.