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Company Profile.
Your individual business card.
Diverse, sustainable and ever present.
Making a good impression.

Company Profile


Our company profiles open employers an additional promising channel in addressing quality job seekers. These profiles provide you with a highly visible and lasting presence in our job portals. The profiles stay with your news and links up to date and interactive and thereby drive traffic directly to your own pages.
With the Standard-Profile, we already offer a very compelling business card that, beside well-structured text and figures, also visually scores with an extensive gallery and a map of your company sites. With a Premium-Profile, design freedom will know almost no bounds: own menu items, multiple image galleries, integration of video and audio files are also possible here. An update from Standard to Premium is possible during runtime.


We want your company profile belongs undivided attention, so we have strictly limited the number of profiles per job portal. This is unusual, but ensures the success for you. Your profile is literally always in the first row and thus immediately visible. Check it out for yourself: Company profiles at Stellenticket TU Berlin.


A comprehensive, sophisticated profile with little effort to create: In your account you have for a smart input mask. The Standard-Profile you can completely create by your own. At the Premium-Profile (Gold-Profile at the TU Dresden) are content and design almost completely open to choice, therefore, we create this customized profile together with you. Changes to the profile are possible during runtime by yourself or you assign us.


Usually, the duration is one calendar year. An exception is currently Stellenticket TU Dresden, where we also offer semi-annual profiles. For newly launched portals sometimes special arrangements in times and prices are available. Please contact us for specific information.


Prices and services vary depending on the chosen university portal.

TU Berlin; Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; FU Berlin
Standard-Profile:        1500 € / Year
Premium-Profile:        2000 € / Year

Beuth Hochschule Berlin; Universität der Künste Berlin; HWR Berlin
Standard-Profile:        750 € / Year
Premium-Profile:        1000 € / Year

TU Dresden
Standard-Profile:        1000 € / 6 Months
Premium-Profile:        1400 € / 6 Months

Standard-Profile:        1600 € / Year (only limited number available)
Premium-Profile:        2000 € / Year

Standard-Profile with additional placard at Career Service.
Premium-Profile with additional placard at Career Service and in a showcase at a central location on the campus.

HTWK Leipzig
Standard-Profile:    750 € / Year
Premium-Profile:    1000 € / Year

Leibniz Universität Hannover, TU Braunschweig
Standard-Profile:        1500 € / Year
Premium-Profile:        2000 € / Year

TH Wildau
Standard-Profile:    750 € / Year
Premium-Profile:    1000 € / Year

Regional discount of 25% for companies in the region (Landkreis Dahme-Spreewald).

TH Brandenburg; Europa-Universität Viadrina
Standard-Profile:      750 € / Year
Premium-Profile:    1000 € / Year

Bauhaus Universität Weimar; Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena
Standard-Profile:      750 € / Year
Premium-Profile:    1000 € / Year


Please contact us by email or telephone if you are interested in profiles. We will submit you an individual offer.

We are glad to provide further information on profiles by email or telephone under +49 30 57707448-0.