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Good ideas are simple!


Only software that is gladly used is good software!

Stellenticket - Our Concept

Stellenticket stands for a new concept of high-performance software for universities, convincing through its modern technology, intelligent design and an ideal adaptation to its user.


We are convinced that, to be successful, software needs a precise identity and a well-defined target group. As Stellenticket is rooted in the higher education sector our software is primarily directed to universities.


We have a clear philosophy of the development of software and the corresponding result: The developers have to be familiar with the field of application of the software. The users should be involved in the development and receive a highly ergonomic and functional software with a reduced and plain design.


For us, the developers, as well as the users, it has turned out to be productive to start off with a slim core that is able to display basic processes neatly and efficiently and is optimized continuously while it is already in use.


With our Stellenticket portals, we have set new standards in the sector of university job portals. Our software Congeno pursues this in the field of CRM-software.


We have listed our advantages for universities and companies on the next pages.


Please contact us for further questions regarding our concept and the use of our products.


You can find more detailed information in our company brochure.


Contact:, Phone: +49 30 57707448-0