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Some Basics About Our Offers

Things to Keep in Mind

Stellenticket and all participating universities have a full commitment into high qualitiy placements. We verify all job offers and assignments before we publish them at Stellenticket. We can not exclude that in very rare cases, an offer might be published that does not match with our internal standards. Please feel free to inform us if you find any information that might indicate that you have found such a "false offer".


You can verify the actuality of a job offer by checking the date of publication at the most right column of the list. In general, you could say that the higher a job offer is in the list, the more up-to-date it is. We can not guarantee that published job offers are still available, but we delete all offers after a running time of 30 days. Furthermore, employers have the possibility to deactivate a job offer at any time. Feel free to contact the employer in case you're doubting that the job offer is still up-to-date.


For any information about how to apply correctly, please contact the career service or career centre at your university.