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Stellenticket Job Portal & Congeno

Two software solutions for university-level institutions – usable individually or in combination


Our Stellenticket Job Portals have been a classic since the foundation of Stellenticket in 2010. We got our expertise in online job portals through our employment at the TU Berlin since the year 2000.


With our CRM Software Congeno we continue our philosophy and offer you a variety of possibilities for your event management.


Stellenticket Job Portals

The very flexible ticket system with paid and free admission tickets, the dual layout mode for premium ads, interfaces to social media, the own "My Account" area for the administration of job offers, profiles, applications and career fairs, the perfect integration in the universities' websites and the individual customization to the needs of every university - that is the innovative brand of Stellenticket.


You will receive a technically mature portal with high usability which is perfectly integrated into your web presence including the possibility to display specific job ads on the websites of the single departments of your institution. But not only the visual appearance and the technical aspects are convincing but also the content matches. The job advertisements appearing in your portal have been especially published for your university: this guarantees that the users will always find accurately fitting job offers.


Job offers and enterprise profiles are the core elements of your portal. Additionally you have the possibility to manage career fairs or to create yearbooks (online and print). The social media integration, that means that all offers are prepared automatically for Twitter and Facebook, is a standard feature of Stellenticket job portals.


Guaranteed Income

You get a solution without any investment of your own. We take care of the operating system. Sounds good? But that is not all.


We developed a simple and transparent sales participation concept, that will guarantee you revenue. Simply count the fee-based ads, have a look at the price list and you know your share of turnover. In the case of the tickets which you have marketed yourself, the revenues are 100% to you.


Alternative Solution: Our Rental Model

You want to offer your advertisers a job portal which is absolutely free of charge? No problem, we also provide our concept for rent.


Information guaranteed

We either provide you periodically the clearly prepared data of the job ads or directly in real time via interface: so you get in touch delivered free with companies. Based on the terms of use you are allowed to contact directly all the advertisers in your portal.



With our CRM Software Congeno we cancel the contradiction between individual solutions and standard solutions by offering the different product lines Career, Alumni, Press, Foundation and Training. Additionally each product line can be customized to the costumers needs.


In so far as necessary we develop together new versions of Congeno with our university partners.


Therefor we have one focus on the various possibilities in event management. With Congeno_Career for example you can create, publish and organize the semester program of your career service. Congeno_Career also integrates career fairs and the related candidate management, in a way similar to our job portals. Additionally you can write news or create newsletters and mail them to the registered participants. By default, Congeno is divided in the sections events, news, user profiles and administration.


In addition, each product line offers specific extensions. For the user profile in Congeno_Alumni, for example, there are more information fields available. So you can store more information about each alumnus like the disposition to be a mentor, to participate in events as a speaker or to support projects as a sponsor. We developed Congeno_Press to manage even big events with several thousands of participants. Therefore, Congeno_Press includes specific functionalities like a VIP status and receiving inspection via an individual QR code and many more.


If Congeno is used by several departments of your university, you have the possibility to merge data from different sources within your institution.


For our portal-partners Congeno is available to special conditions.



Please, feel free to contact us for more information. We will be glad to hear from you!

Contact: - Phone +49 30 57707448-0