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We think there's no better place to look for academics than at universities!

Stellenticket - Exclusively Present at Universities

Could you get better in touch with high potentials than at the homepage of universities? You don't know? But we do, and this is why we placed our online job portals right there.


Created and maintained together with universities, our job portals are perfectly integrated into the web presence of the respective university. Our portals benefit from their location and this is why we enjoy a high confidence rating among the users.


The profile is clearly academic and the number of job offers is easy to grasp. Here, our users are not spending their time on looking for a job offer, they find it at first sight. And our users are the people you are searching for. It becomes possible to reach the target group without any losses at very favorable prices. Recruiting with Stellenticket is a worthwhile and lasting investment in your future. This may sound a little boastful, but is reality.


It is also reality that we simplified the use. Look and see how fast you can publish your job offer at Stellenticket, it's amazing! Ease of use is guaranteed by an extremely well-arranged layout, which in addition allows the job seekers to find your offers without hassle. All this ensures your offer will be perceived with the attention it deserves. Start your staff recruitment at Stellenticket and take the advantage.
Stellenticket, a worthwhile investment in your future! Take our word for it.
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