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Setting standards


Standard in terms of most frequently used. The common job advertisement at Stellenticket. For good reasons...

Standard Ad

You publish your job offer online, by yourself. In only a few steps, you create your own job offer - guided by our system. Simply choose Create Advertisement at the left and we lead you right to your Standard Ad. 


All you have to do is to enter the text. The right formatting will be provided by the system automatically: Your job offer appears in our clearly structured standard-layout. This makes it easy for job seekers to get an overview fast and to maintain it! All relevant information is available according to a standardized pattern.


An individual touch is achieved by your company logo. Please note that our system only accepts image files in GIF, JPG or PNG format. Other formats are not supported.


The activation of your job ad is done with a ticket from our ticket shop and is possible at any time. You can also preview and save your offer as a draft to activate it at any later time.


Job advertisements are visible for 30 days. Select the starting date on your own and your offer will be visible from that date on for 30 days.

You have the possibility to make amendments on your job offer as often as desired, even after publication, in our quick-edit mode. In order to prohibit amendments which create a whole new job offer, we have blocked a few sections against modifications. All modifiable sections are marked with a red-dashed border.


Early deactivation of a job offer is possible, too, but please note that an offer deactivated once can be published again only with a new ticket.

List view with logo
Well proven standard layout