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The big difference compared to our Standard Ad: Highlighted and your Individual Layout as an Option

Premium Ad

Always highlighted in list view the Premium Ad achieves attention right from the start on and additionally provides the option to publish your individual layout. Therefore, we call it our dual job advertisement: individual layout and standard layout in one ad. All you need for this is a suitable ticket and an extra coupon from our Ticket-Shop.


You decide for our Premium Ad if you want to achieve highest publicity for your offer and if you want to publish your job offer with your individual layout. Send us the respective HTML or PDF file and we add it to your Standard Ad. Please note that the document must be filed in HTML or PDF format and is limited to the size of DIN A4.


Your job offer is displayed in the so-called dual mode: job seekers see your individual layout first, but they also have the possibility to switch to the standard layout with just one click.
Usually, you enter the required information for your Standard Ad on your own. Unless you decide to use our Placement Service: we enter your job offer with all information from your individual layout into our system.


This way, we guarantee you the complete indexing of your individual layout by our system. All matching search queries find your job offer!

In order to place a Premium Ad, you need next to a valid red or blue ticket - depending on the educational achievement you ask for - a coupon. The coupon covers highlighting of your offer and our HTML/PDF service. In case you want to use our placement service as well, you need a second coupon.


Tickets and coupons can be acquired online in our Ticket-Shop - this is the common and fastest way. Alternatively, you can order your tickets in written form: in this case, we invoice the ordered tickets and coupons to you.

Highlighted in list view
Individual layout as option
Standard layout included