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Have it done!


The comfortable solution: we place the job offer for you.

Publishing Service

The comfortable solution, costs only one coupon additionally.


In the case that you are very busy or that you don't trust online entries, you choose our publishing service for your job offers. We will completely place your job offer online, at the latest one workday after obtaining all the necessary information from you. You can assign us via e-mail (, fax (+49 30 57707448-9) or phone (+49 30 57707448-0).


You can use the publishing service for Standard Ads as well as for Premium Ads.


For the activation of a standard ad with publishing service, you need in addition to a valid blue or red ticket - depending on the educational achievement you are asking for - a Coupon. If you want us to place your Premium Ad online, you need an adequate Ticket (blue or red) and two Coupons: one for the PDF/HTML service, one for the publishing service.


You can acquire ticket(s) and coupon(s) in our Ticket Shop, this is the common and fastest way. Please send us then with your assignment information the numbers of your ticket(s) and coupon(s). Alternatively, you can order in written form, in this case, we would invoice the ordered ticket(s) and coupon(s) to you.