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Leib­niz-Zen­trum All­ge­meine Sprach­wis­sen­schaft (ZAS)

Das Leib­niz-Zen­trum All­ge­meine Sprach­wis­sen­schaft (ZAS) ist ein außer­uni­ver­si­tä­res For­schungs­in­sti­tut des Lan­des Ber­lin, das sich der Erfor­schung der mensch­li­chen Sprach­fä­hig­keit im All­ge­mei­nen und ihrer Aus­prä­gung in Ein­zel­spra­chen wid­met.

Stu­dent Assisant Posi­tion (40 h/month)

We are loo­king for a stu­dent assi­stant for the ERC-grant pro­ject SPA­GAD - Speech Acts in Grammar and Dis­course. The pro­ject inves­ti­ga­tes speech acts in depths from a lin­gu­is­tic per­spec­tive, covering aspects from seman­tics and syn­tax to prag­ma­tics and pro­sody (see the link below for fur­ther infor­ma­tion).

Work­ing field:

The posi­tion con­sists of 40 hours of mon­thly work star­ting from May 2020 and inclu­des vary­ing tasks. The tasks can include:
  • expe­ri­men­tal work (desi­gning, car­ry­ing out, ana­ly­zing)
  • orga­ni­sa­tion of and hel­ping at con­fe­ren­ces/work­shops
  • cor­pus rela­ted work


We are par­ti­cu­larly inte­rested in stu­dents with the fol­lo­wing qua­lifi­ca­ti­ons:
  • know­ledge of lin­gu­is­tic theory on at least a bache­lor’s degree level in a rele­vant sub­ject (e.g. gene­ral lin­gu­is­tics, Ger­man stu­dies, etc.)
  • back­ground in expe­ri­men­tal work
  • some back­ground in cor­pus rela­ted work is appre­cia­ted
  • good com­mand of Eng­lish (both writ­ten and orally; good com­mand of Ger­man is appre­cia­ted, but not necessary)
  • basic know­ledge of sta­tis­tics is appre­cia­ted (both theory and prac­ti­cal app­li­ca­tion, e.g. doing stats in R for ana­ly­zing expe­ri­men­tal data)
  • know­ledge of R and Praat is highly appre­cia­ted

How to ap­ply:

The app­li­ca­tion should include a short aca­de­mic CV (at most 1 page, no pic­ture, 1 inch or 2.5cm mar­gins, 12pt) and a short moti­va­tio­nal let­ter (at most 1 page, 1 inch or 2.5cm mar­gins, 12pt, one-half spa­cing) high­ligh­t­ing your aca­de­mic exper­tise rele­vant for the posi­tion. The dead­line for app­li­ca­ti­ons is April 10. App­li­ca­ti­ons are to be send to with the sub­ject “SPA­GAD Stu­dent Assisant”. Invi­ta­ti­ons to inter­views will be send April 5, taking place April 10 at ZAS (pre­fer­a­bly).

Link to the pro­ject: