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Our mis­sion is to ensure the Inter­net is a global pub­lic resource, open and access­ible to all. An Inter­net that truly puts people first, where indi­vidu­als can shape their own exper­i­ence and are empowered, safe and inde­pend­ent.

Machine Learn­ing Intern

Sum­mer 2020

Work­ing field:

Moz­illa is hir­ing a Machine Learn­ing Intern for our Emer­ging Tech­no­lo­gies team. Emer­ging Tech­no­lo­gies is Moz­illa’s early research and devel­op­ment organ­iz­a­tion focused on the areas of voice assist­ants, speech and lan­guage, and mixed real­ity. Our headquar­ters are based in the Bay Area, but this intern­ship oppor­tun­ity is at our Ber­lin Office.

We are engin­eers, design­ers, makers, and prob­lem solv­ers. We work in the fish­bowl known as the open source com­munity, with a clear focus on mak­ing the Web bet­ter. Work­ing with us, you’ll help build inter­est­ing new fea­tures, improve Moz­illa products, and explore new product dir­ec­tions. To be part of the team, we ask that you be user centered, tech­nic­ally-curi­ous, and excited to be mov­ing the Moz­illa mis­sion for­ward.

Deep Learn­ing TTS Research Engin­eer­ing Intern (Ber­lin, Ger­many)
We are a small team tack­ling machine learn­ing's toughest prob­lems. Primar­ily con­cen­trat­ing on deep learn­ing algorithms, we tackle prob­lems related to STT (speech to text), TTS (text to speech), NMT (neural machine trans­la­tion), NLU (nat­ural-langue under­stand­ing), and more. We’re look­ing for an intern to work on deep learn­ing TTS algorithms and to improve Moz­illa's TTS sys­tem.


Basic Qual­i­fic­a­tions:
Cur­rently enrolled in a Mas­ter’s or PhD pro­gram in Com­puter Sci­ence, Com­puter Engin­eer­ing, or a related tech­nical dis­cip­line with a focus on soft­ware devel­op­ment
Must be cur­rently enrolled in uni­versity with gradu­ation dates start­ing Decem­ber 2020 and onward or have gradu­ated from a Cod­ing Academy within last year

Pre­ferred Qual­i­fic­a­tions:
  • Pro­fi­ciency in Python, Unix/Linux
  • Exper­i­ence with Tensor­Flow
  • Up to date on the latest deep learn­ing research
  • A thor­ough under­stand­ing of deep learn­ing algorithms
  • Tech­nical flu­ency—abil­ity to clearly dis­cuss algorithms, archi­tec­tures, and trade-offs
  • Exper­i­ence in sys­tems soft­ware and algorithms
  • Under­stand­ing of Web Track­ing, Machine Learn­ing or Cryp­to­graphic con­cepts
  • Abil­ity to quickly learn and be effect­ive with a large code base
  • Exper­i­ence with writ­ing and pub­lish­ing aca­demic papers
  • Excel­lent research and writ­ing skills
  • Strong com­mu­nic­a­tion and social skills
  • Reas­on­able flu­ency in and pas­sion for tech­no­logy
  • Strong ana­lyt­ical and crit­ical think­ing skills
  • Famili­ar­ity with how to access and employ a vari­ety of resources
  • Abil­ity to inter­pret large amounts of data, multi-task, and pro­duce res­ults inde­pend­ently and col­lab­or­at­ively in a team

Note that this is a long wish­list of qual­i­fic­a­tions: if you feel you have some but not all of these skills, but you are inter­ested, please do apply any­way.

Please include a cover let­ter describ­ing your research topic and/or dis­ser­ta­tion topic and rel­ev­ant pro­ject choice/area of interest.

What we of­fer:

As a part of our Moz­illa Intern­ship Pro­gram, you will:

Impact chal­len­ging pro­jects in our Fire­fox web browser (access­ib­il­ity, voice design, developer tools, mobile, and mixed real­ity), Rust, Pocket, and more
Be ment­ored by a fel­low team­mate and someone who shares the same val­ues
Do real work on real pro­jects and make con­tri­bu­tions that will impact hun­dreds of mil­lions of users
Par­ti­cip­ate in social events with your fel­low interns (amuse­ment parks, ice cream and boba socials, board game nights, escape rooms, and paint­ing parties)
Meet with Moz­illa lead­ers includ­ing our CEO, Exec­ut­ive Chair­wo­man, CPO, Chief R&D Officer, CMO, and Exec­ut­ive Found­a­tion Dir­ector
Present your work to Moz­illa lead­ers and fel­low team mem­bers

Perks include:
Mar­ket com­pet­it­ive pay
Catered lunches, snacks, and drinks
Hous­ing ser­vice or hous­ing sti­pend provided
Flights and ground trans­port­a­tion to and from intern­ship
Work visas sponsored
Attend­ance at our bi-annual All Hands Meet­ing

How to ap­ply:

Please apply via our web­site here:

Application and Inter­view Pro­cess:

Recruit­ing begins in Septem­ber, and we hire on a rolling basis through March. While there is no set applic­a­tion dead­line, we do have a lim­ited num­ber of pos­i­tions open each year, so please apply early!

Loc­a­tions include Moun­tain View, San Fran­cisco, Toronto, Ber­lin, and Paris. Please refer to our intern­ship list­ings for spe­cific loc­a­tions offered by pos­i­tion.

Pro­cess starts with a resume review fol­lowed by a Hack­er­Rank chal­lenge (tech­nical) or doc­u­ment sub­mis­sion (non-tech­nical).

Upon passing, you will par­take in two tech­nical and beha­vi­oral inter­views with team mem­bers (cod­ing and situ­ational ques­tions are fair game) fol­lowed by a hir­ing man­ager inter­view and ulti­mately, an offer decision.

About Moz­illa:
Moz­illa exists to build the Inter­net as a pub­lic resource access­ible to all because we believe that open and free is bet­ter than closed and con­trolled. Join us and become part of our mis­sion to pro­mote open­ness, innov­a­tion and oppor­tun­ity online.

Moz­illa is com­mit­ted to Equal Employ­ment Oppor­tun­ity throughout our recruit­ing and hir­ing pro­cess and is ded­ic­ated to increas­ing diversity in our work­place.