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UNICEF is a lead­ing human­it­arian and devel­op­ment agency which has spent more than 70 years
work­ing glob­ally for the rights of every child and for improve­ment in the lives of chil­dren and their

One of the cru­cial aims of the Inter­na­tional Team UNICEF Ber­lin is to foster dia­logue on chil­dren's
rights with inter­na­tional Ber­lin res­id­ents, other UNICEF volun­teers as well as local decision makers
and insti­tu­tions. We act as a sup­port fot the pub­lic rela­tions and polit­ical work of UNICEF Ger­many
which also works to increade an aware­nesse of chil­dren's rights in our soci­ety.

Volun­teer­ing at UNICEF

Work­ing field:

You can
‣ con­trib­ute your ideas and ded­ic­ated­ness
‣ your cre­ativ­ity and organ­isa­tion skills
‣ get a cer­ti­fic­ate of your act­ive engage­ment at UNICEF


You want to
‣ make a change for every child
‣ be part of an UN organ­isa­tion
‣ learn about UNICEF and chil­dren’s rights around the world
‣ organ­ise appeal­ing events to inform the pub­lic and sup­port the cru­cial work of UNICEF
‣ get in touch with people from Ber­lin and around the world who cam­paign for chil­dren's rights

What we of­fer:

We organ­ise
‣ film and dis­cus­sion nights on child-related issues
‣ work­shops and exhib­i­tion vis­its
‣ char­ity con­certs and pub­lic activ­it­ies

How to ap­ply:

Inter­ested? Then join our team and get involved with our work: