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Mas­ter Plan­ning ∕ Archi­tec­ture ∕ Land­scape ∕ Interior Design ∕ Product Design ∕ Graph­ics

Foun­ded by Paulo Mar­tins Barata, João Luís Fer­reira, Paulo Per­loiro, Pedro Appleton and João Per­loiro, PROMON­TORIO is a full-ser­vice archi­tec­ture, plan­ning, land­scap­ing, interior design and graph­ics firm. The part­ner­ship began in Lis­bon in 1990 as an exper­i­men­tal stu­dio and con­sist­ently grew into a prac­tice of over sixty archi­tects, plan­ners, land­scape archi­tects, interior design­ers and graphic design­ers.

Under­ly­ing its approach to the urban form, the work of PROMON­TORIO has often been iden­ti­fied with the pur­suit of a ‘sys­tem of robust­ness’ (i.e. solid­ity, sta­bil­ity and dur­ab­il­ity) both in terms of rep­res­ent­a­tional mean­ing and tech­nical research. This, in turn, has been imple­men­ted and tested in vast con­struc­tion sites and under chal­len­ging time and budget con­straints. The design pro­cess springs from a dynamic and focused cul­ture that fosters col­lab­or­a­tion above all. This cohes­ive and inter­act­ive struc­ture allows the prac­tice to under­take large and com­plex pro­jects both in terms of design and pro­gramme. Ran­ging from schools, museums and cul­tural insti­tu­tions, to hous­ing, offices, hotels and retail, PROMON­TORIO has accom­plished pro­jects, among oth­ers, in Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Bul­garia, Cape Verde, China, Croa­tia, Dubai, Egypt, Ger­many, Geor­gia, Gibral­tar, Hun­gary, India, Italy, Kuwait, Malay­sia, Morocco, Mozam­bi­que, Oman, Por­tugal, Qatar, Romania, Rus­sia, Saudi Ara­bia, Ser­bia, Syria, Spain, Switzer­land, Tunisia, Tur­key, the USA and Viet­nam, hav­ing estab­lished part­ner­ships in many of these.

The work of PROMON­TORIO has been widely pub­lished in A10, Area, Archi­tec­tural Review, Archi­tecti, Arqa, Arqui­tec­tura Viva, a+t, Detail, 2G, Domus, Expresso, Pro­to­typo, Público, JA, Lotus, Tech­niques & Archi­tec­ture, The Plan, etc. The work has received vari­ous inter­na­tional awards and has been presen­ted in con­fer­ences and lec­tures world­wide. The work has been exhib­ited among oth­ers in the 9th Venice Archi­tec­ture Bien­nial, La Tri­en­nale di Mil­ano, Arc en rêve (Bor­deaux), Cor­nell Uni­versity (Ithaca), Aedes Gal­lery (Ber­lin, BSA (Boston Soci­ety of Archi­tects) and more recently at Casa da Arqui­tec­tura (Matosin­hos/ Porto).

Stu­dents are invited to apply for intern­ships in our Lis­bon office


Work­ing field:

Stu­dents wish­ing to integ­rate archi­tec­tural to teams to develop pro­jects from concept to detail design,
and to be part of meet­ings in Eng­lish or Ger­man lan­guages. We are try­ing to achieve pro­jects in Ger­many, and already have a Ger­man part­ner.


BArch and com­puter skills

What we of­fer:

Our Lis­bon office has 60 people with a great rela­tion­ship among the vari­ous pro­ject teams, tak­ing at same time very ser­i­ously the dis­cip­line of archi­tec­ture. You will have a dir­ect con­nec­tion with the part­ners and the pro­ject dir­ect­ors.

How to ap­ply:

Please send us an email to with your CV and a let­ter of interest, say­ing the reason you want to apply for this intern­ship.