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Freie Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin - Depart­ment of Math­em­at­ics and Com­puter Sci­ence - Insti­tute of Math­em­at­ics

Research Assist­ent

Work­ing field:

We are cur­rently look­ing for sci­ent­ists devel­op­ing machine learn­ing meth­ods for molecu­lar and mater­ial design. Gen­er­at­ive mod­els (e.g. vari­ational autoen­coders, gen­er­at­ive adversarial nets and Markov ran­dom fields) are in prin­ciple able to address this task, but need to be sig­ni­fic­antly exten­ded in order to suc­cess­fully gen­er­ate com­plex struc­tures with phys­ical con­straints. This pro­ject involves work in ECMath pro­ject CH19 and WP 1.1 of ERC con­sol­id­ator grant Sca­le­Cell.


MSc or equi­val­ent in Phys­ics, Com­puter Sci­ence, Math­em­at­ics or Engin­eer­ing.
Desir­able: Solid math­em­at­ical edu­ca­tion, espe­cially com­pu­ta­tional and numer­ical meth­ods.; solid know­ledge of machine learn­ing the­ory and meth­ods; extens­ive exper­i­ence with soft­ware devel­op­ment with Python and a lower-level lan­guage (C / C++); exper­i­ence with machine learn­ing frame­works (e.g. Tensor­flow, Theano, PyT­orch etc.); pub­lic­a­tion record in peer-reviewed journ­als; flu­ent in writ­ten and spoken Eng­lish.

What we of­fer:

The research group is highly inter­dis­cip­lin­ary, with mem­bers from phys­ics, engin­eer­ing, math­em­at­ics, com­puter sci­ence and chem­istry. Our aim is to develop fun­da­mental com­pu­ta­tional meth­ods to solve hard prob­lems in the nat­ural sci­ences, in par­tic­u­lar the molecu­lar sci­ences (bio­phys­ics and the­or­et­ical chem­istry). We aim at dis­sem­in­at­ing our meth­ods in high-qual­ity open source soft­ware. We con­duct research in teams, each team has a band­width of the­or­et­ical, applied and soft­ware-ori­ented research­ers and works on an over­arch­ing goal.

How to ap­ply:

Fur­ther inform­a­tion is provided by Prof. Dr. Frank Noé (

All applic­a­tions quot­ing the ref­er­ence code should be addressed no later than March, 5th 2018
to Ms Bet­tina Junkes: as one pdf or to

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