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Neu­ro­s­phere - Neu­ro­tech

We are a neu­ro­tech com­pany and we believe that the human brain has immense capa­bi­li­ties. We want to unlock this cogni­tive poten­tial by making the advan­ces of Neu­ro­tech simple to use, under­stan­da­ble and more acces­si­ble for ever­yone.

Our first pro­duct is a light­weight EEG brain-com­pu­ter inter­face toge­ther with an auto­ma­ti­zed Neu­ro­feed­back app­li­ca­tion that pro­vi­des a tool to fully relax and calm down the mind with evi­dence based & sustainable results.

After the suc­cess­ful imple­men­ta­tion of our Neu­ro­feed­back sys­tem for increa­sed men­tal well- being and pro­duc­tivity in the coope­rate envi­ron­ment, we are plan­ning to launch fur­ther pro­ducts for the con­su­mer and digi­tal health mar­ket.These pro­ducts will enable the user not only to do pro­fes­sio­nally auto­ma­ted Neu­ro­feed­back trai­ning but also to increase sleep qua­lity and learning abili­ties.

Work stu­dent pos­i­tion (Front-End / Neur­o­tech Soft­ware Devel­op­ment)

Neuro­sphere - Well­ness and fit­ness for the brain through Neur­o­tech

Work­ing field:

  • co-devel­op­ment of cus­tomer inter­faces as well as internal inter­faces
  • sup­port for the devel­op­ment of online machine learn­ing for live EEG streams & the devel­op­ment of our auto­mat­ized neur­o­feed­back soft­ware
  • assist QA team with new product releases and bug fixes


  • you're a stu­dent of com­puter sci­ences or sim­ilar
  • know­ledge of javas­cript
  • expert­ise in CSS3 and HTML5

  • Nice to have:
  • exper­i­ence in pro­gram­ming close to hard­ware, e.g. with ardu­ino, rasp­berry pi, teensy
  • exper­i­ence in machine learn­ing and real time data pro­cessing / time series ana­lysis
  • exper­i­ence in machine learn­ing android devel­op­ment (Cor­dova devel­op­ment)
  • inter­ested in recent find­ings in the cog­nit­ive sci­ences
  • EEG data ana­lysis exper­i­ence with Python, Mat­lab

What we of­fer:

  • your work will dir­ectly help to increase the emo­tional and men­tal well-being of many people
  • a ded­ic­ated and friendly team with pas­sion for new tech­no­lo­gies and neur­os­cience
  • fast decision-mak­ing and an open star­tup cul­ture
  • flat hier­arch­ies and col­leagues who have fun build­ing a young com­pany
  • attract­ive and mod­ern work­place in the heart of Ber­lin

How to ap­ply:

If you are inter­ested to join our jour­ney then please feel free to send us your CV to